Cost savings in both direct and indirect spend

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What is an E-Auction? 6 Types of E-Auction

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Outstanding advantages when you use NextPro's E-procurement system.

Save time

The traditional purchasing process has been digitalized on a platform, which will speed up business operations and purchase management procedures.

Data Synchronization

Data is completely secure because it is synced across the system and kept in the cloud.

Analysis report

The management of employee performance is made simpler by the visual presentation of purchasing staff performance analysis reports.

Effective cost management

The system automatically deducts the corresponding cost when the purchase request is approved to help track and manage costs optimally.

Select a supplier

Based on past supplier capacity assessment data, you may quickly search for and choose a supplier.


Nextpro's procurement system is developed based on the international standard purchasing process. With this system, the steps in the the purchasing process is transformed from a traditional to a digital platform. From there, it makes the purchase of businesses easy, fast and transparent.
Create purchase requisition
Approve purchase requests
Create requests for quotation
Technical evaluation
Compare and select suppliers
Create a purchase order
Goods receipt and supplier evaluation


Today’s procurement has moved far past simple purchasing. It’s the strategic analysis of operational spend and if done correctly – rapid savings over 20% on average to your bottom line with enhanced service and efficiencies. NextPro is confident to be the most professional solution provider about Procurement field that will bring great values to accompany the Business.

Adjust according to requirement

The procurement system can be adaptably customized in accordance with company needs to fulfill the particular requirements of each business line.

Quick implementation time

According to the committed timetable, the time for system setup and handover is guaranteed.


NextPro offers a variety of service packages that cover the cost of deploying an E-Procurement system, assuring the optimum cost optimization for clients. At the same time, we promise not to charge any extra money for the implementation procedure.

Method of conveying information

Based on authorization and approval standards, the manner of information exchange is systematized and flexibly changed. Additionally, a supplier information portal has been built to facilitate quick and simple information interchange between suppliers.

Outstanding features

The auto-negotiation feature is also integrated into the system allowing suppliers to offer a price


Visually displayed supplier performance and price metrics make it easier to find potential supplier information.

Case study


Best Practices with NextPro E-Auction Platform

  • 12.5% saving vs. Previous Price

  • Absolute saving amount: 0.7 Bio. VND

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Case study


Best Practices with NextPro E-Auction Platform

  • 60% saving vs. Previous Price

  • Absolute saving amount: 4.6 Bio. VND

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Case study


Best Practices with NextPro E-Auction Platform

  • 14% saving vs. Budget

  • Absolute saving amount: 1.1 Bio. VND

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Case study


Best Practices with NextPro E-Auction Platform

  • 34.4% saving vs. Budget

  • Absolute saving amount: 1.65 Bio. VND

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Case study


Best Practices with NextPro E-Auction Platform

  • 23.4 % saving vs. Previous Price

  • Absolute saving amount: 22.1 Bio. VND

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Impressive Numbers





Purchasing Power


Contract Categories



Savings Amount


The efficiency provided by NextPro’s online bidding platform that I can see most clearly has helped us save annual purchase costs from 15 – 20% compared to the price of the same type of product purchased the previous year. Equally important is the transparency of the bidding process through the NextPro system, which creates trust for suppliers.

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Viet Nguyen

Position: Head of Procurement

By applying the NextPro Platform, I already got more savings for company up to 30%. Besides, the negotiation procedure was faster and more transparent. NextPro platform has friendly interface and is pretty easy for suppliers and buyers to interact. It takes only about 5-10 mins to setup a online bidding event when buyers understood all NextPro’s auction types.

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Linh Do

Position: Category Buyer Executive

Our company’s core values are integrity and transparency. We have been participating in many different bidding events as well as experiencing online bidding events on several platforms with multinational corporations around the world. From my point of view, NextPro is simplicity, efficiency and what I like the most is real-time auction that makes more transparent.

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Nguyen Thi Thao Trang

Position: Chief Executive Officer

We are always pioneers to proactively adopt new technologies and systems for our entire supply chain. In order to execute this objective, there must be huge initial capital investment as well as considerable amount of time to establish a system. NextPro platform has solved our concerns. We have applied the online bidding model of NextPro in a short time and reasonable cost.

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Cuong Tran

Position: Chief Executive Officer

As a Procurement manager, we always aim to improve the quality of services as well as to optimize the operating cost of logistic, warehouse and shipping for our customers. Therefore, we have applied the online bidding service on NextPro platform to create a more competitive environment for suppliers which will take place quickly, transparently and effectively.

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Duc Doan

Position: Procurement Manager