Our Vision

Direction to Grow

We source high performance and innovation for our Client’s success and enforce a culture of integrity and transparency in all single operation.

Market Leader

The ambition to dominate the market in terms of both number of Client and revenue.

Absolute Reliability

Building and constantly improving with outstanding efforts to create trust for Client.

Global Development

Sustainable development goes far in the global market.


Our Core Values

Driven to Success

We have defined six core values that describe our services quality and our approach to the tasks we perform. These values serve as guiding principles for our employees and are integral to everything we do. They capture the essence of our business and embody our corporate philosophy – now and in the future.


We promote our culture of integrity at all levels of the company through our Code of Conduct and we foster trust with employees and our Client is pivotal to our success.  Client is coming with us because they trust our people.


We enable our people through training and encourage them to act independently. We trust our people to make good decisions that align with our core values.


We recognize the relationships we have with our Client on the outside depend on the relationships we have within. So we have employed people who can provide the dedication and commitment our Client expectation.


We strive to be the best and always offer an excellent service to our Client. We go above and beyond our commitments and actively seek opportunities to excel at what we do.


We strive to always be honest and transparent with each other and with our Client. We do not hide uncomfortable truths or mistakes that are made.

Respect Rules

We comply fully with the spirit of the laws, rules and practices that govern our business anywhere.


What We Do & Believe?

Transparency and Satisfaction

Everything we do in daily operations which is oriented to the quality standard, transparency as business ethics toward the best Client’s interests and benefits.

What we do?

Standard: We focus on implementing as our process instruction from German’s standards and engage in results orientated by local experts.

Value: We propose commercial and technical solutions to our Client and consultants to assist to reduce capital cost, long term maintenance cost and increase value to our Client.

AI – Artificial Intelligence: We provide AI instrument for all step operation and negotiation stage without human’s involvement in order to strictly follow Compliance policy and create most competitive to all bidders.

What we believe?

Best value: We believe in giving the best values of work to our Client through our vision which are being handled by our team as professionalism and integrity in our daily works and services.

AI application: We believe that the application of artificial intelligence to our negotiation design stage is a core value for our success and creating difference of approach with others.

Satisfaction: We believe only with the full satisfaction of the Client of our works that we can consider our work being accomplished.


We are committed to what we believe, what we are doing and the relentless efforts that will bring NextPro Clients the best products and services.

NextPro together with a team of experienced and enthusiastic people will bring great value to the Clients in both process and cost.


Our Focus

Fundamental Objective

We focus on our Clients to make them know that NextPro is doing the best things to serve them.


We focus on understanding what our Client want to achieve for their project and establish milestones and targets to accomplish them.


We focus on implementing as our process instruction from German’s standards and engage in results orientated by local experts.


We focus on our staff management training and continuous upgrading their skill through Global courses and total commitment on the tasks allocated to them.


Our Quality

Beyond Standard and Compliance

NextPro is confident to deliver the best quality by our professional and dedicated team.


We take quality of our works from global standard as top priority as we strongly think that only good quality works by AI application which can offer a clear identification between us and others.


We always keep in our mind that quality is not just one of our many management objectives but rather a fundamental of all our management objectives.

Team effort

We believe quality works can only be achieved with One team effort for our Client’s success.