Representative Business Development

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Job Family: Business Development

Req ID: 192057

Job Description

Representative Business Development


Mission of Function:

1. Job description:

  • Finding clients who are CEO, CFO, and purchasing managers.
  • Contacting, introducing, consulting online bidding service.
  • Focusing on client development, introducing promotions for clients to increase business sales according to assigned targets.
  • Caring and guiding clients in the process of using services, maintaining and developing relationships between existing and potential clients.
  • Advising clients on bidding strategies so that clients can maximize investment costs.
  • Actively participate and contribute effectively to the Business Development activities of the Company.

2. Service focus: Procurement and online bidding system

3. Promotion roadmap:

• Growing up: an upward path is usually for those who love client care, want to stick and grow in this segment:

Representative Business Development ➡️ Industrial Client Development ➡️ Industry Client Manager.

• Development of sideways: a sideways route is usually for those who want more stability. This pathway is primarily described with options in addition to the work of a Industrial Client, however, requires a minimum of 2 years of industrial client care experience. After 2 years of experience in this field, you can try in the following positions:

Industrial Client Service Development; Industrial Client Portfolio Manager, …

4. Requirements:

• Graduated from colleges, universities of all professions, with priority given to majors in Economics, Business Administration, E-Commerce …
• Autonomy means of working.

5. Benefits:
• Income: including Salary as % of sales + Bonuses for KPIs.
• Opportunity to develop, promote, become an industry manager, receive % project profits.
• Be trained in all necessary skills (soft skills: communication, teamwork, administration, knowledge of services …)
• Be working in a professional and dynamic environment.

6. Profile: how to submit CV
• Option 1: Please send CV to email:, subject: [Job position number] [Full name]
• Method 2: Click on the “Contact” icon next to the job description sheet.

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Working location: HCM
Department: Business Development Department