Reading Faces


•Insight into the latest research into facial expressions
•Pre- and post-test on ability to identify emotions
•Learn about all seven basic emotions and how to recognize them
•Recognizing and perceiving micro-expressions
•Benefits of emotional signals through facial responses
•Reading and interpreting negotiation partners’ facial expressions



In this course, you’ll learn practical, easy to apply techniques for creating amazing and insightful day to day interactions with everyone you meet and guess what they might think by their facial expressions and more. You’ll become more aware of your own communication styles, and learn how to detect and relate to the communication styles of the other people.

Becoming a Communication Master through using the skills you’ll learn on this course means that you will become more self aware and more influential at work, at home or in any context you choose to apply these techniques. This can also help you to be good negotiator in your life and your work.


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