Sales meets Procurement – for the Procurement department


•Salesperson’s motivations: what kind of people normally work in Sales and what are the usual preconceptions?
•Incentive systems: what is a salesperson banking on? Opportunities and choices offered by incentive schemes and what they mean for Procurement’s position in negotiations?
•Negotiation preparations: insights into how the Sales department prepares for negotiations
•Comparative competitive advantages and benefit dimensions: which selling points will Sales use to persuade the Procurement department?
•Value selling: how does Sales try to put its customers in a more competitive position? What arguments does this give Procurement for use in the working relationship?
•Sales process: from the Executive Board’s revenue target to the formation of the contract with the customer
•Sales targets: how is a salesperson’s success measured? What are the customary KPIs, goal and objectives defined by Sales?



In this course you will learn about what smart salepersons are using to persuade buyers to buy their products and services. When participating in the course you will be acting as salepersons and buyers for practical situations from which to draw the necessary experience for everyday work.


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